Vietnamese cuisine is extremely rich and varied, from normal meals to luxurious feasts, food made from meat is always a favorite dish of everyone. Therefore, chefs always try to transform and constantly diversify these dishes. In particular, Thit xa xiu (char siu meat) is always delicious and popular food.

Char siu (xá xíu) is a type of pork that is roasted and grilled at high temperatures. This dish is originated from Guangdong, China. Char siu (xá xíu) meat was introduced to Vietnam by Chinese immigrants. And now, char siu (xá xíu) has become a familiar food in Vietnamese meal. When it appeared for the first time, char siu meat was more popular in the South than in the North, because the Chinese community was more crowded in the South.

Char siu (xá xíu) meat is one of the two famous pork dishes and rated the best in China next to Caramelized and braised pork. In particular, Chinese meat is often cut into squares, it is both lean and fat, but char siu (xá xíu) is a perfect combination between salty and barbecue.

In Vietnam, due to the different tastes of each region, char siu meat in each place has a completely different taste. For example, in the South, char siu (xá xíu) meat will often have a deep red color and soft sweetness. In the North or Central Vietnam, char siu is usually red or orange and the taste will be less sweet and salty. This dish is quite simple, you can make it at home at family parties.

This dish can be flexibly combined and becomes delicious, famous dishes in many regions such as char siu dumpling, char siu bread, char siu noodles, char siu sticky rice … To enjoy a delicious and well-qualified char siu dish. We need to find prestigious restaurants such as Friends By Pontian dried noodles, Co Giang dried noodles, An Ky Mi Gia – Ho Ba Kien …

If you don’t want to eat out, you can refer to the recipe below.

Ingredients for Thit Xa Xiu Recipe:

  • 1kg pork (You can choose pork belly, pork shoulder or pork ham)
  • 3 bulb garlics
  • 3 tbsp of honey
  •  1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 3 tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 tsp five-spice oil
  •  2 tsp of ground pepper
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • Five-spice powder
  • Sesame oil
  • Cooking oil

Thit Xa Xiu Recipe:

Step 1: Pre-processing and marinating meat

Wash pork and then put it in a basket and drain it. Next, you slice the meat into equal squares, the width is about 3-4 cm.

Peel garlics off, wash and mince it. Marinate the meat with 1 tbsp of minced garlic, 1 tbsp of oyster sauce, 3 tbsp of soy sauce, 2 tsp of five-spice oil, 1 tsp of ground pepper, 1 tsp of salt and 2 tsp of sugar.

Mix the meat with spices, carefully cover with cling film and then marinate for 2-3 hours to make it absorb with spices.

Note: About every 30 minutes, you should stir the meat to make the meat well-marinated.

Step 2: Grilling the meat.

Turn on the oven, you put each meat on the grill, put the pieces far away from each other. Close the oven and grill the meat at a temperature of 250 degrees C.

After grilling about 10 minutes,take the meat out and dip it in the sauce or spread the sauce on the meat, then put it into the oven for 30 minutes until the meat is cooked. Wait for 5 minutes till the oven cool down, then carefully put the meat on the plate!

The standard char siu meat dish must have eye-catching colors, attractive aroma. When eating, you can immediately feel the rich flavor of spices and the natural sweetness of the meat.

On rainy days or cold days, having a plate of char siu meat with white rice or rice noodles is great. To make the dish more attractive, you can prepare another plate of kimchi or salad.

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